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What EPDG can do

EPDG can take a concept idea or design and develop that into a defined project for whitch funding can be

raised and regulatory authorizations and approvals can be obtained . however , we approach projects on

a phased basis allowing a client series of "go/no go" decision points . furthermore , EPDG is equally

experienced in undertaking discrete assignments as part of an overall project . such as merely

undertaking the project management role , developing scopes of work for the major contract packages

or undertaking environmental audits under ISO 14001

EPDG's other services

* Site appraisals.

* Master Plan Studies & Port Planning.

* Feasibility & Development Studies

* Due Diligence

* Institutional studies & Implementation

* Market Assessment & Trafic forecasting

* Direct marketing & Responsability

* plan & Equipement selection

* Port operations & Management studies

* Private sector funding of ports developments

* Terminal audits

* Nautical & Terminal simulations

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