Dr.Mohammed Sultan looking to establish a business global port at Edco

Dr. / Mohammed Sultan Al Beheira Governor stressed encourage all serious investment on the land of the province to support the national economy and provide many job opportunities for the people of the province types.This came during a meeting Engineer / Khalid Najeeb, Chairman of the Egyptian Group for the development of ports and engineered / Dalia Samir, director of business development group to discuss and explore the possibility of setting up a commercial port universal dock handling containers region Edco foreign investments amounting to $ 1.3 billion and provides about 1,000 direct jobs In addition to thousands of non-jobs directly.Where the station will be able to handle up to more than four million containers annually, which would lead to a positive impact on the domestic economy, national and enhance confidence in investment in the country.Will also prepare the establishment of this plant is crucial for the development of ports and terminals in Egypt as it will accompany the expected growth and help the growth of the economy.

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