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Summary of experience :
over 15 years of experience with emphasis on transportation
Areas of expertise :
* Viability analysis of a new port terminal.
* Commercial model development
* Experienced in international finance and equity investment solutions and modeling
* Deepwater port evaluation
* Port strategy development
* Port terminals growth strategy
* Demand forecast demand for container traffic
* Premier manpower solutions for engineering industry.

Khaled Nagieb CEO & President
Customer Testimonails

Summary of experience :
over 40 years in the maritime industry
Areas of expertise :
* Supported multiple green field ports in egypt and middle east and west africa
* Terminal management experience and operations around the world new ports , design build and operations
* Est marine services and supported other marine developments including navigation and towage
* advised on ports in Nigeria and Mozambique
* advised on river transport projects and new river terminal design in egypt

Peter Banham Operational Director
Customer Testimonails

Summary of experience :
Ex UN Officer, speak fluently 3 languages with more than 20 years experience in administration, HR, logistics and Business development in diplomatic field as well as Oil and Gas companies.
Areas of expertise :
* Experienced in Administration, HR, Public Relations and Business Development.
* Can communicate easily with All Egyptian Governmental Authorities.
* Big expertise in how developing a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction.
* worked in different embassies and various United Nations Offices where she has acquired a solid knowledge to these rules in terms of administrative, Development and financial matters.
* Expert in delegating and mandating and learn how to guide UN principles and values in addition to advocate for the mobilization of resources necessary to achieve its work of area and attain the MDG (Millennium Development Goals) global targets expected to be achieved in 2020.

Dalia Samir Business development director

EPDG Who we are

EPDG is a local egyptian company specilaizing in the development and enhancement of port facilities locally and worldwide. It is especially active in container,bulk cargo terminals and free zone and port solutions here n egypt .


EPDG has the ability to bring together not only stakeholders, but can bring together to any project , the correct expertise , at a time when required , such as financing strategies,tender documents RFQ & RFP , organisation , operator selection , assistance during the negotiations and closing (by obtaining signatures on contracts). EPDG offer a fully bespoke solution incororating financing,design,engineer and operations.